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Jacqueline Barcelona | Open from Tuesday to Sunday, 13:00 - 3:00.

A Mediterranean feast in the heart of Barcelona.

One restaurant, four distinct atmospheres plus the sheer brilliance of the truly unforgettable moments that dazzles you whichever way you look.
At Jacqueline, every experience is genuinely unique.

Seafood Feast - Jacqueline Mediterranean Restaurant & Cocktails - Fresh Seafood & Steakhouse


Jacqueline Barcelona presents a variety of dining atmospheres where local culinary traditions come to life offering authentic flavors of regional products.

Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience at “El Comedor”, our Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fresh fish and seafood. Immerse yourself in a magical night with live music at “The Dinner Club”, experience the authenticity of Japanese cuisine at “Japanese Bar”, or indulge in the exquisite fusion of flavors at our signature cocktail bar, the “Champagne Bar”.

Jacqueline connects with the history of Barcelona, its architecture and art, fostering unique experiences of social hedonism. All this in a lively environment where convenience and customized service are at the center of attentions.

C/ Enric Granados, 66  | How to get to the restaurant
+34 930 46 75 11


Women’s Day Join us for a special lunch and dinner as we honor the remarkable women who make a difference every day.

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Crafted with precision, served with flair.
Two hands, one toast. Raising a glass to the simple joys of life.
From dinner delights to vibrant soirées, a night at Jacqueline is always a good idea 🦚
Relishing the freshest catch at Jacqueline. Every bite is a journey through the flavors of the sea.
Capturing every delicious detail ✨
Where the feast meets the shadows, whispers become the melody and faces dissolve into the night.
Nights at Jacqueline come alive with the enchanting melodies of our live performers. Unwind, dine, and let the music carry you away.
Our signature “Szechuan Flower” cocktail from “The Flowers” Menu is the perfect mix of Cacique 500 Rum, Gardeum “Floral Punch” liqueur, Yuzu Sake and Dry Vermouth infused with basil. 

– Electric, exotic and slightly sweet
We are delighted to introduce “The Flowers” Menu at our Champagne Bar, where the allure of ten flowers comes to life, presenting an unparalleled array of cocktails that mimic their fragrance, taste, and exotic essence. Come and enjoy an experience where every sip tells a story of excellence and tradition.
From “The Flowers” Menu, we present “Lavender”, an opulent cocktail served at our Champagne Bar. Sip into sophistication with a blend of Grey Goose Vodka infused with lavender, Empirical “Plum, I Suppose” liqueur, extra dry Fino Sherry finished with papaya, peach and passion fruit soda. 

– Fruity, citrusy and sparkling
Our “tortilla” with Wagyú “Cecina” and truffle is a must try. Exclusively at lunch time! 🦚

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