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Open from Tuesday to Sunday. 13:00 - 3:00.

A Mediterranean feast for all your senses in the heart of Barcelona.


Jacqueline Barcelona is a multi-space with three floors, where local culinary traditions come to life, celebrating the authentic flavors of the region. The three floors present different spaces with the possibility of privatizing each of them: El Comedor, Omakase Bar, The Dinner Club and Champagne Bar.

Designed by Rockwell Group, the look and feel is glamorous and exotic, reminiscent of Catalan Modernism and its golden age. Jacqueline connects with the history of Barcelona, its architecture and art, fostering unique experiences of social hedonism. All this in a lively environment where convenience and customized service are at the center of attentions.




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Fall in love with Barcelona’s autumn & winter season at Jacqueline. Get lost and be seen between our glamorous spaces and live the art of celebrating.

Tuesday - Sunday | From 1pm till late
C/ Enric Granados 66

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Travel isn’t just about seeing new places, it’s about embracing the rhythm of a culture. Savouring the flavours that tell stories, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Now is when our journey begins.

Discover Jacqueline’s international Guest Bartendings. 

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We are proud to announce our Guest Bartending tour where people around the world can enjoy Jacqueline’s cocktails and experience the art of celebrating.

Stay tuned and join us on this adventure. 🍸 

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Cheers to the weekend 🍸 Do you want to dance with us?

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Join our obsession for seafood. Make your reservation and taste the freshest catch of the day in Barcelona.

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Immerse yourself into a Mediterranean feast at Jacqueline Barcelona.

Featuring seafood dishes and local products, like our fresh shrimp tartar, Jamón 100% bellota from Extremadura, “Ceccina” croquettes and Rigatoni in a creamy sauce with organic Caviar Oscietra.

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A golden summer solstice in a glass 🥃 

Our signature “Spicy Tears” cocktail is a delicious blend of Don Julio Blanco tequila infused with yellow “ají” pepper and curry, clarified mango juice, citric solution and agave syrup.

— Fruity, citrusy and slightly spicy

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Toast to the warmest season with our signature cocktails. We invite to enjoy our delightful blends in “El Comedor” with Cocktails like “Ma Jolie” featuring Monkey 47 gin infused with brown butter, clarified strawberry juice and “Brut nature”.

— Delicate, fruity and slightly sweet

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Looking for inspiration? Meet “The Muse”. 🍏 

A perfect blend of Grey Goose Vodka infused with fig leaves, Gardeum Floral Punch Liqueur, cardamom ,carbonated apple juice and a touch of Bareksten Absinthe.

— Refreshing, citrusy and fruity

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The vibrant spirit of Barcelona can be found right here in Jacqueline. A place of gathering to feel and be seen. 🦚

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Are you on the list? Exciting things are coming this week at Jacqueline, à demain!

Don’t miss out! Bookings and guest list only.

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Discover our weekly line-up of events.

Don't miss the New Year's Eve gala dinner at Jacqueline Barcelona.